In 2003, Sigrid Perdulas and Alexander Bordier , create company Bestiary Pampilles and to present their first creation  » Duchess  » in the street . Then it will be  » Mary and Max Glawdys Paul Experience  » show premiered in Geneva in 2005 and touring since .
It is working with Michel Dallaire , trainer and director that will specify their own artistic approach. Indeed, it allows each actor the boldness required to create an original and necessarily personal project.
In 2007, Sigrid Perdulas and Alexander are Bordier meets Pierre Robert -Tissot , musician and actor Geneva , with which they wrote and performed in  » Peplum.ch  » a webseries ( Akkafilm prod) . With this successful collaboration , they decided to create new shows, Lux Interior , clowns not dead in 2011 and Critters in 2013.
Bestiary creations revolve around clowning , with a strong physical involvement , text, music and an aesthetic concern .
2014 will be a year full of challenges as parallel to the creation of two solo (i ) Container and Man on the Spoon, we will be present at the Festival d’Avignon off with Lux Interior .


After the rewarding show Marie-Glawdys et Max-Paul expérience, the Bestiaire à Pampilles comes back with a brand new show :

Lux Interior, Clowns not dead


LUX INTERIOR – show case (switzerland)

Created and portrayed by Sigrid Perdulas, Alexandre Bordier and Pierre Robert-Tissot

Directed by Michel Dallaire

The “musicopathe” duet has transformed itself into a mad trio!

A meeting between Marie-Glawdys, Max-Paul and Cheyenne sparks a new temptation: one of shocking ambition to create a cult music group…Lux interior. Immediately, we begin to worry, and rightly so…

Even if you think the show is all about music, don’t be fooled, the spirit of the clown is very much alive. A mad trio of gifted musicians will bring down the house with electric sounds of rock’n roll

Clowns not dead!

pictures from L’OLYMPIA show,  in Paris.

cc Diana Berchtold

« …A Theatre fed with punk energy where barriers between genders are joyously broken down, and where one can see clowns stripped from their traditional red noses speaking about themselves and why not about ourselves. »

Yves Gabay – La Dépêche

« …Bestiaire à Pampilles successfully delivers a new show blended with narration and music while keeping its traditional unique and crazy style »

Manon Ona from – Le clou dans la planche

Duration of the show:

on stage: 1h15 and outdoors 60 minutes

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LUX-Interior/152327588241929?ref=hl


This show was sponsored by : Maison de Quartier de la Jonction de Genève, le service cantonal de la culture de l’Etat de Genève, la Direction des Affaires Culturelles de la ville de Genève, la Fondation Ernst Göhner, une résidence 2010 au Hangar des Mines (Alès), l’Usine à Tournefeuille lieu conventionné dédié aux arts de la rue.


Photos de Diana Berchtold